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What Skills Are Needed To Use The Schoolbag?

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

What skills are needed to use the Schoolbag?
Schoolbag can liberate hands, load balance, the load is large, but the defect is also some, for example, is not convenient, easy to be stolen, the appearance is not good, in order to be in use is very convenient, we can understand some skills, Can be better used.
Schoolbag Tips:
1, easy on the shoulder, Schoolbag manufacturers wholesale manufacturers do not know how friends will be back on the back of the Schoolbag, in the heavy bag on the shoulder, usually first back Schoolbag on a certain height of the place, and then shoulders again Into the shoulder strap, so easy on the shoulder, both on the shoulder effort to facilitate, but also in the protection of Schoolbag.
2, tight pull Schoolbag belt, travel more easily, when we travel, first our Schoolbag belt tension, shoulder strap to relax, the top was 45-60 degrees angle. So that we walk like it did not like anything.
3, Schoolbag use skills: do not rude unload the backpack, we have packed a solid backpack, its tension has been quite tight, so then do not be very rude to unload (such as on the road when the rest), the best Is to find a good place to gently put down.
4, closed zipper, pest control, in the way of travel, friends must remember to tighten the backpack, to prevent like ants, mice and other small animals into the Schoolbag.
5, Schoolbag manufacturers wholesale manufacturers introduced if the heavier or all heavy, can be placed on average. To buckle the chest, tighten, so back back there is no sense of back sail, action with both hands holding the shoulder belt and the adjustment between the Schoolbag.
With the development of the times, everyone's package is more and more, the market is also very complex, true and false, in the selection of the time often at a loss, by understanding some of the methods can be better to choose the price Cheap Schoolbag, so you can avoid being deceived.
Schoolbag Quality Identification Method:
1, Schoolbag manufacturers wholesale is to look at the look to see the appearance of friends can be on the version of the flower, or to find a clear distinction between the site pictures or books, here is best not to find some foreign second-hand Schoolbag magazine to, so not Accurate, then I will explain the reasons. Look at the manual and stitch, the specific criteria can only rely on you to judge.
2, feel the Schoolbag material feel, the general feel the better the better the material, (here is not to say the more soft the better Oh) Some styles, is a hard sense of materials, see style, authentic also The same, but as long as the genuine, or better super A goods, their leather is more with the more soft, there will be a good look to see the shiny luster.
3, Schoolbag quality identification method: If you feel a very pungent taste that is not what good goods, the more pungent is not good goods, poor quality leather will be pungent pu leather taste, in addition, Schoolbag The production process to use a lot of glue, a good manufacturer of ultra-A goods are used in the import of glue, generally no pungent taste, there are genuine and good imitation package materials are better.
4, Schoolbag hardware is an important criterion for judging, generally good goods hardware bright and bright, no burrs, especially zippers, good manufacturers zipper feel pull up smooth, lubrication is still a little effort. Generally good manufacturers of the Schoolbag with imported glue, volatile acidic substances less, the hardware will not change color soon, genuine general hardware 1 - 2 years no obvious signs of fading.