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Traveller Bag Industry Development Current Situation

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Traveller Bag Industry Development Current situation
What is the current trend? The most appropriate answer is now the Internet. For the traditional enterprises, the sales channel + Internet is reflected in the e-commerce; IT system + the Internet, in fact, is the integration of two; brand building + Internet is a fan; organizational change + Internet, is reflected in the original pyramid structure, tradition The management of the industrial and commercial era of organizational structure to be broken, to become a decentralized, flat governance structure. This is the Internet + methodology. "Traditional enterprises to complete the Internet, these things can have so many dimensions, not just the use of e-commerce, in addition to your organizational structure, business operations and so can use Internet thinking to the overall operation. "Specific to the Traveller Bag industry, China Traveller Bag factory after 20 years of rapid development, has accounted for more than 70% of the global share. , Traveller Bag industry has become a real pillar industry, there is a complete industrial chain in the region, representing the highest level of Traveller Bag industry, is the world famous Traveller Bag brand manufacturing base.
At the same time, China's Traveller Bag industry is facing well-known brand scarcity, market concentration is very low, uneven products and other troubles. As a traditional industry, the face of "Internet +" wave of the times, the transformation of the Internet and the development of new Internet industry, Traveller Bag industry is also facing a subject.
"The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, not necessarily have to abandon the original product, the product constantly upgrading, is the real transformation and upgrading. Down to the existing products to do it, make it the ultimate, made thriving, the same can create Xintiandi. "This is the Chinese companies to challenge the international brand approach, do a good job of core patent research and development from another point of view. Industry evaluation, the Yangtze River Delta Traveller Bag clothing raw materials trading center, will completely change the Traveller Bag industry for more than 30 years of traditional supply and demand ecosystem, and actively rely on the advantages of industrial clusters in the Yangtze River Delta region, effectively fill the East China Traveller Bag raw and auxiliary materials market gaps. China will integrate the Traveller Bag industry as a whole, and promote the various grades of Traveller Bag to the people of the country.
In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet and the rapid convergence with the traditional industries, the traditional industries have gradually ushered in the new development of their own industries. At present, the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone shopping has gradually become a popular way of shopping. "Fingertips on the shopping" has been gradually known and recognized, fingertips gently point, their own items on the success of shopping, save time, effort, has become a new way of shopping for many people. Of course, this trend changes, but also escape the traditional entrepreneurs of the "discernment", they also began to see this huge market, and force, into the mobile Internet. The traditional Traveller Bag industry, for example, relying on the huge market of mobile phone owners, the establishment of the "Traveller Bag" APP, Traveller Bag has become the highlight of e-commerce company, the effect is extraordinary. It is understood that the client is established by the industry experts, the development of the Internet is also very understanding, so far, he began to find a broader market and new marketing model. Lee said that for each industry, the development of a certain degree will face a certain bottleneck, transformation and upgrading is the only way for the development of the industry. The development of the Internet just to the traditional marketing model to bring the new direction and market, we must seize this opportunity. The current "Traveller Bag" APP in addition to playing the role of sales platform, more for other Traveller Bag shop to provide access to resources for those who want to enter the Traveller Bag industry entrepreneurs to provide agents channels for individual users and business users to provide personality The customization services to help more Traveller Bag business to do network marketing, service and quality to drive the brand, so as to make up for their own resources and reputation deficiencies. There are many types of computer bags, briefcases, fashion bags, leather goods, wallets, handbags and other diversified development of the column, from the material is also varied, leather, PU, polyester, canvas, linen and other texture Traveller Bag lead the fashion trend The With consumers can choose according to their own needs. From the current client download point of view, "Traveller Bag" APP client "fans" is more and more. Traveller Bag leather goods manufacturing, product marketing transactions, as well as warehousing distribution, product testing, personnel exchanges and other public service platform for a complete industrial chain, making the platform more competitive advantage, but also makes a large number of Traveller Bag leather has joined the customer End to chase. Traveller Bag industry transformation for more traditional industries to provide a new way of thinking, more traditional industries have also seen the mobile Internet market, to achieve physical marketing and network sales "two rounds of development."