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Traveller Bag Hardware Accessories Custody

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

Traveller Bag hardware accessories custody
    First general Traveller Bag hardware accessories include: copper Traveller Bag hardware accessories, stainless steel Traveller Bag hardware accessories, zinc alloy handbags metal die-casting accessories, iron Traveller Bags metal stamping parts, aluminum Traveller Bags metal die-casting accessories, plastic accessories.
    1. Copper Traveller Bag accessories are generally used for high-end Traveller Bags, its advantage is not easy to rust, but does not explain in what kind of media will not react, resulting in oxidation, rust, raw spots of the phenomenon. General manufacturers will do a layer of treatment on the surface, such as swept Teflon this treatment, so that its surface is more moisture. Copper parts weight than other materials are heavier, generally also used for some of the ladies on the accessories, But we all know that the quality of copper material is better, the price is relatively higher than other materials, the general low-cost package will not use such accessories, because the material itself is expensive, the main processing complex and other reasons, only high-end Some of the Traveller Bags will choose this accessories. Some ordinary Traveller Bag "copper" accessories, but some businesses purchase some of the iron parts through the coating to deal with imitation copper only, so in the choice should pay attention
    TIPS: in the custody as much as possible with plastic bags or use some oil to protect it, the moisture separated from it, so use a longer time some.
    2. stainless steel Traveller Bag accessories are generally used for high-end Traveller Bags and some heavy-duty box, stainless steel Traveller Bag hardware accessories he has a merit: it is more resistant to tide, but not that he will not rusty spot like that, and Is that we have a protective film on his surface so that it does not come into direct contact with the air, causing moisture to rust, but the general stainless steel is still rusty, for example, we usually use the same plate. The average salt spray test will generally reach 72H and 200H above, the higher the time the salt spray test on the show that it is more difficult to rust oxidation, the general treatment is on the closure agent, the better is to do passivation, of course, want to To do a better moisture-proof effect, it's more cost to increase some, if the quality of the requirements of the manufacturers is also understand the price, the so-called penny goods!
    TIPS: try not to touch the acidic liquid and keep the environment dry, usually when not in use when the object sealed with plastic bags, which is a relatively simple way to save!
    3. Zinc alloy Traveller Bag accessories are the most common Traveller Bag accessories on the market, it is mainly used for ladies' bags and some ordinary Traveller Bags, and its price is relatively cheap, and made out of the accessories are not easy to oxidize, but some for The handle on the suitcase is easy to break, because the manufacturer is using the recycled material or some low-density materials cast out, and its surface after grinding and plating treatment is very beautiful and beautiful, but it is bearing So the friends in the purchase of Traveller Bag hardware accessories or custom Traveller Bag hardware accessories, especially to pay attention to the manufacturer's raw materials, see the manufacturer's quality, reliability is how much! Jue's raw materials is selected to import high-quality environmental protection Materials, from the source of strict quality control, grasp the quality of all the possibilities.
    TIPS: Zinc alloy accessories itself is plated through the appearance of a beautiful, so in the custody process, hand touched touch with a dry cloth to wipe clean, try to place a dry place, the same with the plastic bag to protect the surface It is not so easy to change color.
    4. Iron Traveller Bag accessories is common, and many of my friends will feel that iron is certainly not a good Traveller Bag hardware accessories. No, we understand the error, and iron as long as it is good to take its physical, it can To make high-end products, such as its advantage is that he is more endurance, cost relative to the relatively low, surface treatment can be diversified, you can do nickel, chrome, galvanized, gold, copper and other customers need But the disadvantage is that it is easy to rust, but after doing the surface treatment and then on the nickel frame or after some other special treatment of its effect is very good. After the completion of the protection of the protective film intact no moisture on the OK, it Is the most popular bag in the procurement of a material.
    TIPS: usually keep some plastic bags sealed, do not get wet.