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This Summer, The Bag Volume Have ‘shrunk In Size’

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 23, 2016

Reporters learned in the market, whether it's corner shop or a store counter, in the range of luggage products, there is a distinct phenomenon is, whether it is a backpack, bag or satchel, are better than last year's style reduces the well, is small and exquisite, favored by the customers.

Reporters saw a small package accounted for half of the in-store merchandise, old popular shell Pack, UFO bags, business bags, backpacks and other, have been "downsizing", with fresh and beautiful light colors in your color, but the only exception to this is, many bags have released big red, looks very stylish and beautiful. "The weather is hot in summer, generally speaking, summer packages, models will be smaller than the winter style, carrying lightweight, will not increase the body burden in color, because of relatively bright summer clothes color, versatile light colored bags, more popular with customers. "Its counter guide said.