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There Are Any Strict Requirements For Cleaning Canvas Shopping Bag

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

There are any strict requirements for cleaning canvas Shopping Bag
Canvas Shopping Bag Because of the cheap, stylish design, the use of lightweight and loved by people, but in the cleaning when the general are directly thrown into the washing machine, after a period of time will be faded and other issues, which affect the overall beauty, for which we Need to know some skills.
Canvas Shopping Bag Cleaning requirements:
Buy back cleaning: canvas Shopping Bag manufacturers wholesale in Shopping BagShopping Bag to buy back when the first cleaning, then need special treatment, in order to extend the life of canvas Shopping Bag, you need to add a small amount of salt in the water, it is fully dissolved In the water inside, and then the canvas Shopping Bag soaked in water for half an hour, the benefits of this treatment is to imitate canvas Shopping Bag fade.
Canvas Shopping Bag cleaning requirements - water temperature requirements: canvas Shopping Bag is made of high quality canvas, so when the water temperature can not be too high, the water temperature is too high will be like a towel softened, resulting in a slight deformation of the appearance or loose , It is best to control the water temperature below 30 degrees is better.
Cleaning method: Do not put it into the washing machine and other clothes to wash, canvas Shopping Bag is made of canvas, it is also very easy to pick the color, if the other clothes fade will affect the canvas Shopping Bag's own color, so Since it will cause secondary pollution, try not to save trouble and Shopping BagShopping Bag and clothes wash.
Canvas Shopping Bag manufacturers to introduce a lot of canvas Shopping BagShopping Bag background is white, there are a lot of color patterns, such Shopping BagShopping Bag cleaning if you do not pay attention, it is easy to cause the situation of the string. It is advisable to clean the fabric BagShopping Bag with a mildly soft lotion, such as shampoo, or a softening agent such as a gelatin, which is mainly used to prevent the alkaline lotion from harming the skin.
Canvas Shopping Bag If you do not have any special stains, you can put the entire Shopping Bag in the water, wash with a brush, but many people will find that sometimes after cleaning, there will be faded, affecting the whole of the beautiful, We need to understand some of the basic methods of prevention.
Prevent Canvas Shopping Bag Fade:
1, canvas Shopping Bag manufacturers wholesale canvas washing when there will be different degrees of fading phenomenon, the first time to wash in the water first add some salt, then Shopping Bag immersed about thirty minutes, a lot of fade to reduce.
2, the first few times because the floating color has not been removed, so fade looks more serious, it is inevitable, with the increase in the number of times and the number of times will not be so serious.
3, to prevent canvas Shopping Bag fade: recommend the use of neutral or alkaline detergent washing, be sure to regular brand, please do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent, if not oil and other stubborn stains, please try to reduce the detergent Dosage.
4, please be sure to use cold water hand wash, to avoid dehydration and exposure, on the ventilated place dry. Metal parts such as water should be dry as soon as possible, so as not to rust. It is recommended to wash the canvas Shopping Bag inside turned out to dry, like the same clothes, can reduce the degree of fade. Related knowledge: Canvas Shopping Bag by a lot of people like what is the reason
Canvas Shopping Bag manufacturers wholesale If the cotton canvas Shopping Bag washing easy to fade, please do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent. If you are accidentally stained with stubborn oil traces, we can put some detergent to clean. Wash the process is best to use warm water, so you can keep it feel.