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The Method Of Making The Edge Of The Schoolbag

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

The method of making the edge of the Schoolbag
The edge process is a pivotal step in the production process of the Schoolbag, which is done by splicing the components and the edges of the parts as required. There are many ways to install the Schoolbag, the general use of the method are flat, stakes set, pressure stitching, docking and so on.
One, flat
Inlay process in the flat method is generally used in the plane, usually with a very strong viscosity of the neoprene adhesive adhesive inlay, so that the cabinet at the sticky solid.
Second, the stubble set
The method of crushing is to use the method of overlapping the edges between the parts and the parts. The process is generally used at the link of the zero or part of the luggage or purse.
Third, docking
The process of docking is relatively simple, and the interface is relatively flat service, which is the two sides of the parts together in a plane, but the two parts are no overlap.
Four, pressure seam inlay
The stitching process is a more commonly used method in the design of the type I overhead package, which utilizes the edge of the component to be docked on the same plane, and then the seam is covered with parts or ornaments.
There are many craftsmanship of the Schoolbag, and the workmanship requires fine, and the operation of the production staff requires a high degree of familiarity.
Many customers in the choice of Schoolbag manufacturers do not know how to choose, and some direct brakes to decide, to succeed for a moment of pleasure, but the subsequent poor cooperation really painful. Choose a good school Schoolbag factory is a way, the following for you to introduce how to choose Schoolbag factory.
Select the package manufacturers should pay attention to what details?
First, knowledge of people. From the contact sales customer service can also see the level of the Schoolbag factory. Speak eloquent to be careful, hype do not believe, what conditions can be agreed to be more cautious.
Second, look at the factory. Looking for Schoolbag must be on-site inspection, to choose their own factory in Guangzhou Schoolbag factory, rather than the production of traders.
Third, look at factory management details. Such as worker tooling, factory hygiene, production of the table running process, etc., if a school Schoolbag factory management of their own are not in place, then the management of the product is also better than where to go.
Fourth, look at product details. Why is the same product for a different bookcase offer will be the same? The most basic reason is because the use of materials, accessories and work is not the same.
Enterprise custom Schoolbag gift, printed LOGO process there are many kinds, then the following brief introduction to three LOGO printing process.
First, the screen printing, this is a screen printing foot arts, the use of a porous sheet of woven fabric woven into a convex image of the foot arts, and this method is to use 1 to 4 kinds of color is not open color scale logo printing , Can be used in paper, wood, metal, cloth and other materials.
Second, the thermal transfer, also known as color printing, is the use of the process of CMYK 4 kinds of open color cabin with no amount of alienation, and then to reproduce the complete color logo, this foot arts printing LOGO not only afraid of scratches, , Which can be done in plastic, cloth, silk, metal and other materials.
Third, the laser engraving, this is the use of laser light energy into heat, and then the process of laser engraving products LOGO logo, but this printing format can not be used in the rust steel, metal, wood frequency Yao pepper, Tao Congyi material.
Gift custom Schoolbag, not only can reflect the strength of enterprises, more prominent business sincerity, then custom Schoolbag gift, choose love free Schoolbag. Love has been established since the establishment of more than 10 years operating experience, version of the room facilities, and has a top professional R & D and design team, have enough capacity to achieve your desired effect on the Schoolbag.