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The Future Performance Of Chinese Folk Art In Modern Traveller Bag Design

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

The Future Performance of Chinese Folk Art in Modern Traveller Bag Design
With the world of human nature to explore and return, Western art began to abandon the realism of the objective world more and more extreme aesthetic standards, but Traveller Bag more to show the subjective spiritual world of self-care. The modern concept advocated by the modernist art school has a spiritual tacit understanding with the mainstream consciousness of Chinese folk art.
Chinese folk paper-cut shape is not rigidly adhere to the objective image of the simulation, to take the image around the main image, without any constraints, with the author's thinking development process to start the whole picture. This is the sympathy of the Western Cubist creative psychology, and the same rebellious fancies are keen on the use of bright, bold, strong color, Traveller Bag with straightforward, extensive brushwork, to create a strong picture effect, fully demonstrated the pursuit of emotion The expression of expressionism, creative attitude and creative methods. They emphasize the rebellion of the realistic form and the realistic color, with particular emphasis on the subjective emotional catharsis. The Chinese folk art unique style of the Oriental image system, simple and romantic, modeling rate of exaggeration, color bold and freehand.
Chinese and Western art creation performance convergence, Traveller Bag narrowing the distance between Chinese folk art and Western modern art design, and even become a modern design techniques and means of expression.
The national character of Chinese art has long been integrated into the world design category.
With China's comprehensive national strength and international status, coupled with the success of the Beijing Olympic Games, the world has long been unable to resist the increasingly popular Chinese culture flood. And the Chinese culture into the world, on the one hand to maintain their own characteristics, can not be assimilated by other cultures, and even lose their own value, Traveller Bag which requires the correct inheritance, inheritance of traditional Chinese art, the more the more national Is the world, which is the number of folk art on the release and interpretation of human nature most touched people; the other hand, but also appropriate to absorb the modern design concepts and fashion elements in order to be better accepted. Therefore, the application of folk art in modern design is an inevitable requirement of the development of the times. At the same time, the development and innovation of modern design can not be separated from traditional folk art.
As a visual communication of folk art and design has a common visual language: symbolic, graphical, simple, bright, metaphor, easy to remember. Folk art and modern Traveller Bag design are the product of the spirit of the times to pursue, and even can inspire each other, folk art often with concrete things to express abstract and beautiful meaning, such as "more than a year", "garlic" "And so on, common themes such as the lion, the tiger, the vase, the door gods are in pairs, from the visual aesthetic point of view, folk paper-cut this symmetrical, distinctive composition of the form of extremely decorative, full The modern consciousness of the plane composition and the oriental national characteristics. And modern industrial product design and even a new way of life and technology carrier, but also for folk art in content and technology to provide a supplement and support.
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