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The Future Of China's Schoolbag Industry Will Usher In The Development Of The Golden Age

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

The future of China's Schoolbag industry will usher in the development of the golden age
 In the foreseeable future, China's Schoolbag industry will usher in the golden age of development. Mainly based on the following aspects of the judge. First of all, the sustained and stable socio-economic development, will also promote the development of Schoolbag industry. On the one hand, the sustainable development of the economy, people's income level continues to increase, spending power and consumption levels are also increasing, to a certain extent, directly promote the people's consumption of bags. On the other hand, the sustained and stable economic development has promoted the prosperity of the tourism industry and the prosperity of the tourism industry, which can directly promote the development of the schoolbag industry.

In recent years, the state attaches great importance to the development of tourism, especially since 2009, the state on the strong support for the development of tourism industry, good policy, which for the development of tourism has injected new impetus. To promote the national tourism and leisure for the purpose of "China Tourism Day", "National Tourism and Leisure Program," the introduction of all this has contributed to the vigorous development of China's tourism industry. In addition, with the high-speed rail in the country's net, but also greatly facilitate the people's travel. In short, China's tourism industry has entered a period of vigorous development. Schoolbags as an essential tool for people travel, the prosperity of tourism development is bound to promote the development of China's Schoolbag industry.

In addition, with the sustained and stable economic development, business travel will be more frequent, the development of business travel, naturally will promote the development of Schoolbag industry. At the end of 2011, American Express Global Business Travel announced its 2011 annual survey of business travel in China. The report shows that China's business travel market in 2011 showed a recovery trend. 46.5% of the respondents said that in the past year the business travel budget has increased, the proportion of more than 41% in 2010 increased, while the average growth rate of travel spending of 6%. The report also shows that 46% of companies said they will increase the budget in 2012, in addition, 40% of the respondents plan to strengthen the development of business outside of China, which will increase the number of international business travel. According to data released by VantageStrategy and the Business Travel Association (GBTA), China will surpass the United States as the world's largest business travel market by 2015.

The development of business travel, people travel frequently, is bound to drive the development of related industries. Both to promote the aviation, railway-based transport industry development, will also greatly promote the development of Schoolbag industry.

Second, the Chinese Schoolbag industry is still in the initial stage of development, which to some extent means that China's bag industry in the future has great potential for development and space. China's book industry is the beginning of China's reform and opening up, and the real rapid development is in 1990 after. Overall, the history of China's Schoolbag industry is still relatively short. Although China's Schoolbag manufacturing industry has been leaps and bounds in this short period of time, China's bag industry is still in the early stages of development. From the bag design and development, to the construction of Schoolbags, as well as brand building, are still in the very early stage. Schoolbag design research and development of independent innovation capacity is not enough, most still remain in the imitation or even plagiarism stage. Channel construction is also more extensive, fundamentally did not change the wholesale-based large circulation channel model. Brand, especially the real influential brand is still relatively small. Brand industry concentration is very low, the industry most of the small and medium enterprises are small and medium enterprises, the strength is more equal, the brand share between the brand competition is very intense, and more low-cost, low price competition, and There is not a real market dominance of the brand, is still in a mighty army over the single-plank stage.