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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Your Science Schoolbag

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Every time the new semester begins, Mom and Dad have to consider the purchase of a new school to take items, student Schoolbag is an indispensable thing for students to school, the children naturally like the beautiful new Schoolbag, but now there are many types of Schoolbag, different The type of Schoolbag has different characteristics, then Xiaobian to tell you about the kind and characteristics of Schoolbag.
Shoulder Schoolbag is on the back of the shoulderbag collectively, the most obvious feature of this type of Schoolbag is the back of the two buttons used to buckle on the shoulder, generally in kindergarten, primary school application is more extensive. According to the different materials will be divided into canvas bag, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth bag. The main advantage of the shoulder bag is easy to carry, the liberation of both hands, to provide a convenient way out.
Quality judgment
The grade and quality of the shoulder bag are determined from several aspects.
First, workmanship. Each corner and pressure lines are very neat, there is no off-line and jumper phenomenon, each needle embroidery is very elegant, this is a high standard of technology.
Second, look at the package of materials, generally with 1680D double shares of the fabric is more moderate on the side. The 600D Oxford cloth is more commonly used materials. Other materials such as canvas, 190T and 210 are usually used for relatively simple bundle pocket type shoulder bag.
Third, the back of the shoulder bag structure directly determines the use of backpack and grade. High-grade and outdoor climbing or military backpack, the back of the structure are more complex, at least six or more Zhenzhu Mian or EVA to do ventilation pad, and even aluminum frame. General shoulder bag back is a 3MM around the Zhenzhu Mian do breathable board, the most simple bundle pocket type shoulder bag in addition to the material backpack itself, there is no cushion material.
In summary, shoulder bag is mainly the best choice for leisure and hobby. Different grades of shoulder bag for different occasions, no longer described here.
Shoulder Schoolbag
Shoulder Schoolbag, as the name implies refers to the unilateral shoulder force of the Schoolbag, but also points shoulder bag and Messenger bag. Single shoulder Schoolbag is generally small in size and easy to carry. Not only in school when used in the same time when shopping can be used, so the shoulder Schoolbag has been slowly become a fashion product. The main consumer object is mainly young people, especially middle school students, college students. But the use of shoulder bag should pay attention to the shoulder burden, so as to avoid left and right shoulder to bear the pressure uneven and affect the health.
Middle school students are in the stage of growth and development, and the purchase of a good Schoolbag not only for the children shoulders shoulder, but also on the child's spine, waist benefits, to avoid children to develop hump habits. What kind of Schoolbag is good for health? How do students choose Schoolbag? For the children to choose the Schoolbag is also a certain skill, not what package you buy what, or like children like, but easy to use and easy to use health-based. Xiao Bian today to come to say for everyone.
1, Schoolbag weight extra weight 15%
The natural focus of the human body in the middle, if the head down to plant on behalf of the center of gravity forward, which is hump performance. When the child Schoolbag is overweight, for the balance back on the back of the Schoolbag body weight, the head will be leaning forward. Over time, the child used to walk with the chest.
Recommendation: Students' Schoolbag weighs no more than 15% of their weight. The children should develop a good habit of finishing Schoolbag every day, the temporary useless book removed.
2, to avoid the choice of these three adverse health Schoolbag
Shoulder bag: sixties and seventies of the shoulder wrapped backpack is now popular again. Messenger bag school will make the side of the shoulder force, resulting in the left and right shoulder force uneven. Plus the weight of the book is not light, long-term will lead to the shoulder, vertebral strain, and even scoliosis. The same token, children should not be the shoulders of the Schoolbag moved to the shoulder.
Handbag: pull the bar Schoolbag in recent years hot, this kind of Schoolbag like a suitcase with a pull bar and wheels, can drag and go, let the child's shoulder liberation but the wrist force. This design makes the Schoolbag center of gravity instability, the child is very easy to sprain the wrist when wrist.
Back to the back of the Schoolbag back to the chest, is the common back on the street, this back is the original intention of anti - thief. If Schoolbag is too heavy, the front back will only increase the waist load, so that the possibility of increased waist strain.