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Shopping Bags As A Modern Life Indispensable Supplies

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: May 19, 2017

Shopping Bag Shopping bags as a modern life indispensable supplies, has replaced the pollution of the larger plastic bags. Shopping bags because of non-woven fabric this material also has a lot of ideal performance, which can be used for a long time this is a great advantage, more suitable for home use, very practical. Which is also determined by the quality of its production molding, we can from these angles to check the shopping bag is not the quality of more reliable

1, Shopping Bag the first shopping bags of plastic film for combustion testing, by observing the color of the flame in the smell to identify the quality of the film is good or bad.

2, the detection of the non-woven fabric itself by pulling the non-woven fabric itself to see how long the length of the tear can be, which contains the length of the fiber thread is short and long.

3, Shopping Bag thin film with the non-woven fabric itself is strong enough of the strong, if it is very easy to tear, indicating that the quality is not good, in general, Lining shed non-woven fabrics in the mutual tear when the non-woven Cloth itself will be torn off.

Shopping bags, like plastic bags, basically only a few times, as long as the use and maintenance properly, shopping bags can be used almost ten years, a purchase, cost-effective, life-long use.