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Shopping Bag Industry 10 Development Ultimate Guess

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Shopping Bag industry 10 development ultimate guess
Guess one, shoes and apparel Shopping Bag industry all the intermediate links will be abandoned,
    Entity channels of the wholesalers, agents, franchisees, distributors, online generation of service and so on have no value; with the synchronization, what associates, custody, consignment, distribution, etc. will gradually disappear.
    Guess the second, the existing terminal model will be subverted,
After the establishment of the department store counters, in the electricity business platform to set up flagship store this way will not exist. Of course, this may take a long time to appear, but now is already in the bud. Electricity business platform monopoly PC power business development model, in the mobile Internet era will be subverted.
    Guess three, the brand to the customer (B2C) is the only model,
    After the shoes and apparel Shopping Bag industry is only one way to sell is: brand to the customer.
    Guess four, attached to the middle part of the organization, the organization will disappear,
    Now there are a lot of training companies in the Shopping Bag industry, and the institutions that brainwashing brokers (agents, franchisees, distributors, distributors) will not exist, because these training companies can give more than a dozen agents Brainwashing, how can they give hundreds of millions of consumers brainwashing? All services in the middle of the organization, the organization will die, all services to consumers, fans of the institutions and organizations will be high-speed development.
    Guess five, four aspects of your brand in the future can not exist,
    Whether it is still in the industry's small magazine DM on the boast, the second is still running around the channel, three is still waiting for a good Shopping Bag agents and racked their brains, four or whether the land of the "single nuclear management" model.
    Guess six, the traditional marketing thinking and new media marketing differences,
    Traditional brands around the channel, agents and the operation of the core is human, no human no traditional brand of business. In the era of electricity, in the new media era, the core of the brand is the word of mouth, is the majority of fans to form a reputation. No word of mouth, there is no brand in the new media era of business.
    Guess seven, industrial thinking under the brand marketing has become a past tense,
    Scale production and modern distribution channels combined with the way gradually out of the stage, and private custom fragmentation of the sales model is gradually open. Shopping Bag industry is now the standardization of large-scale production, in the physical channels, in the electricity business platform on the large circulation of the sales model is difficult to maintain long
    Guess eight, monopoly under the brand how to break through,
    Physical channels Ye Hao, power business platform Ye Hao, to the end of the results are monopolies, especially the electricity business platform to accelerate the monopoly. Women were a few big brands by the monopoly, underwear was a few big brands can monopolize, which is why small and medium new brands, can not get the development of electricity reasons.
    Guess nine, socialization (new media) era is the brand of spring,
    Entity channels of department stores, super-online business platform, its biggest function is to solve the trust problem, especially in China. Because everyone between each other, between people, between the brand and the consumer are not trust. Physical store or electricity business platform to solve the problem of this trust, we can only trade in the shop or platform, or no one is a sense of security. The emergence of social media to solve this problem, to solve the problem between the brand and the mistrust of consumers. If in the new media era, your brand is still questioned by fans, then it shows that your Shopping Bag brand simply did not carry out new media marketing or new media marketing is a failure. Social media to solve the original is to solve the trust by the shop, then, then, Shopping Bag brand also need to go to the department store to open a counter, also need to go to the business platform to open a flagship store?
    Guess ten, it is time to abandon those outdated stuff,
    Can certainly say, Shopping Bag cottage no way out, eyes staring at Europe and the United States four fashion week no way out, what Shopping Bag brand from Europe and the United States Japan and South Korea, what the princess fell in love with a cock silk brand story has been very mentally handicapped. In short, by the logic of asymmetric information compiled false story of the brand marketing routines have gone