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Schoolbag The Basic Type Of Schoolbag

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: May 19, 2017

 Schoolbag The type of bag is a bag made of cloth, leather, etc. Students are used to carry textbooks, stationery. According to the changes in consumer grade, luggage material more diversified. Leather, PU, polyester, canvas, linen and other quality luggage to lead the fashion trend. At the same time, more and more advertised in the era of personality, simple, retro, cartoon and other styles from different sides to meet the needs of fashion personality publicity.

  Schoolbag Shoulder bag is on the back in the shoulders of the bag collectively, the most obvious feature of this type of bag is the back of the two buttons used to buckle on the shoulder, generally in kindergarten, primary school application is more extensive. According to the different materials will be divided into canvas bag, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth bag. The main advantage of the shoulder bag is easy to carry, the liberation of both hands, to provide a convenient to go out.

  The grade and quality of the shoulder bag are determined from several aspects.

  First, workmanship. Each corner and pressure lines are very neat, there is no off-line and jumper phenomenon, each needle embroidery is very elegant, this is a high standard of technology.

  Schoolbag Second, the shoulder bag of materials, generally with 1680D double shares of the fabric is more moderate, and 600D Oxford cloth is more commonly used materials. Other materials such as canvas, 190T and 210 are usually used for relatively simple bundle pocket type shoulder bag.

  Third, the back of the shoulder bag structure directly determines the use of backpack and grade. High-grade and outdoor climbing or military backpack, the back of the structure are more complex, at least six or more Zhenzhu Mian or EVA to do breathable pad, and even aluminum frame. General shoulder bag back is a 3MM around the pearl cotton do breathable board, the most simple bundle pocket type shoulder bag in addition to the material itself, there is no cushion material.

  Schoolbag In summary, shoulder bag is mainly the best choice for leisure and hobby. Different grades of shoulder bag for different occasions, no longer described here.

  Shoulder bags, as the name implies refers to the unilateral shoulder force of the bag, and sub-shoulder bag and Messenger bag. Shoulder bag general capacity is small, easy to carry. Not only in school when used in the same time when shopping can be used, so the shoulder bag has slowly become a fashion product. Shoulder bags mainly consumer objects mainly young people, especially middle school students, college students. But the use of shoulder bag should pay attention to the shoulder burden, so as to avoid left and right shoulder to bear the pressure uneven and affect the health.

  Schoolbag E-book is a kind of derivative of the concept of schoolbag, the earliest refers to some novels, literary reading site for a member of the service function. This function means that when the consumer has read a certain literary works, the work will automatically enter the bag. Can be read by consumers again, so as to avoid the unnecessary reading on the site and the cost. E-books this function of the application, meaning more and more widely, in many industries, many sites have applications.