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Pick The Canvas Both Sides Of The Schoolbag Of Common Sense

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Pick the canvas both sides of the Schoolbag of common sense
In the shopping or travel when the selection of a style of their own canvas shoulder Schoolbag can solve the trouble of putting things, then how should we choose this Schoolbag, the following grace technology to teach you a few ways
1. In the raw material business: canvas feel is delicate, canvas is originally a hemp cloth, is certainly a texture, but a good canvas texture clear, feels a uniform sense of delicate, and poor quality of the fabric It feels rough, even hard.

2 .. look lining and accessories: cotton lining and chemical fiber lining compared to the price is expensive, of course, more solid, not easy to wire, feel first class. Maybe we often encounter this situation: the appearance of the Schoolbag is not bad, lining the first broken, so buy Schoolbags, lining is very important. A good canvas Schoolbag, lining the details can not be ignored.

3 .. see color: canvas Schoolbag with the Schoolbag or other materials, compared to the choice of color, the color has been relatively small. The main reason is that canvas fabric fixation problem has not been a good solution, can not highlight the bright colors of bright. So for the color canvas Schoolbag and Baoshen LOGO choice to pay special attention to whether the color is uniform and fade problem
4. Look at the work: sewing the more fine the needle, the more solid package, the more difficult to open line. People who can buy canvas Schoolbags know this, the Schoolbag is a very happy thing. So remember: regardless of the use of open line or dark line sewing Schoolbag, the length of the pin should be uniform, and no thread exposed, pay attention to whether the suture without wrinkles, whether the line has come to see if there is a thread Will cause the package cracking. Detail determines the quality of the package!
Canvas Shoulder Schoolbag Although not as leather Schoolbag so delicate, but still need to pay attention to some small details of maintenance can extend the life of canvas shoulders Schoolbag. We do not have long time to buy Schoolbags, the first time to wash, you can add white vinegar and salt in the water, the Schoolbag soaked for about half an hour, and then washed with water, so you can prevent the baby fade, in the wash process, with warm water You can clean the Schoolbag to keep the feel.
In the course of the canvas Schoolbag, if only the general fouling, there is no special stains, then we try not to use or less detergent, you can directly put the Schoolbag into the water, wash with a brush, scrub just fine. Cotton canvas Schoolbag wash easily fade, do not use bleach or fluorescent detergent. If you accidentally stained with grease, you can put some detergent to clean.

For the pattern canvas shoulder Schoolbag maintenance should pay attention to, because the pattern of the schoolSchoolbag will generally have a variety of colors, if the cleaning time do not pay attention to some of the details, it is prone to string color. So in the cleaning process, it is best to use a soft cleaning agent to clean, such as: shampoo and gold spinning and the like softener, the most important thing is to prevent the alkaline lotion damage to the cloth part of the proposed clean The cotton cloth scrubs the surface.
In the final part of the dry is also very important, it is best to use dry or dry way to dry, drying time to turn out the cloth, this is to prevent the process of drying the Schoolbag damage, do not let the sun Exposure, or it is easy to fade and the canvas shoulder Schoolbag texture broken!