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Nursing Bags

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 22, 2016

In many cases, luggage dirty, discolored or worn out, not because of prolonged use caused, it may simply be that we did not pay attention during use caused. Love package people must have some lessons in this regard, the use of bags usually know what the problem when the attention.

1. If the hands sweat easily, the best possible arm shoulder bag or backpack, and small hand bag, otherwise easy to leave sweat stains in the luggage handle.

2. In the luggage storing sharp objects, be sure to sharp objects and put together a complete package. And those who have cut, too broken bags of baby items should not be placed in bags. Do not miss cram or heavy items, otherwise it would be deformed or damaged luggage.

3. When the switch lock luggage pieces, do not foreign material in the lock, it will damage the luggage hardware.

4. Do not stick a label or adhesive tape on the bag, so that is likely to result in flaking skin when ripped off.

5. Try to make use of handbags handbag avoid the frequent friction denim clothes, because it will stain easily occur phenomenon.

6. The rain and snow, try to avoid using turn fur, nubuck leather, suede like leather bags, because once water on a large area would be very difficult to manage, and the cortex will harden.

7. prolonged direct sunlight and heating, make luggage bleaching, discoloration and deformation. Should avoid bags with sunlight, heating prolonged exposure.