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Luggage Industry Overview

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 22, 2016

2011 by the China luggage industry output value reached 90 billion yuan, China luggage industry to maintain rapid growth, the output value CAGR

27.1%. Bags exists a huge market demand for space, directly contribute to the growth of Chinese exports luggage products, making good luggage exports stable growth momentum. China luggage company should continue to improve R & D capabilities and technical equipment, enhance their marketing capabilities and expand export channels, to further accelerate the pace of the world, the progressive realization of the transition to the export of capital goods output, the output of the brand, to create a group in the country outer-known well-known brands, enhance the international competitiveness of products. Chinese luggage market has always been export-oriented, market share of domestic demand is relatively small, but in the face of the new economic environment, this situation may be adjusted in the future. Bags being asked not only in the application has been strengthened, should be expanded decorative. China's per capita economic level and higher incomes, spending power is also closely related to growing. China bag decorated with annual consumption of 33% per year, the total market is the rapid increases in luggage is becoming one of following clothing, footwear most development potential of the industry. Domestic luggage market demand growth will accelerate broad market prospect.