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Luggage Fabric Classification

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 22, 2016

1. natural leather material

Natural leather raw material that is the variety of animal leather, natural leather, elegant appearance, soft plump, product durability, welcomed by users. However, due to its high price, to a certain extent, limit the use of leather bags. Many products used in bags of natural leather material, and with different types of performance are also very different.

2. The artificial leather and synthetic leather

Artificial leather looks exactly like natural leather, and low prices, wide variety of colors, have been widely used in industrial and agricultural production and people's life. Early production of artificial leather surface using PVC coated fabric made of appearance and practical performance are poor, and polyurethane synthetic leather varieties, the quality of artificial leather achieve significant improvements, especially in the substrate with a non-woven fabric, faces layer polyurethane porous materials mimic natural leather and synthetic leather structure composed, with good practical performance.

Therefore, artificial leather according to classification of raw materials can be divided into two categories, namely, PVC artificial leather and polyurethane synthetic leather. Wherein, in leather series, there is leather, artificial leather, paint, suede leather, plasticized PVC film and other materials. Synthetic leather material series, the kind of surface is coated with a polyurethane foam layer, the appearance is very similar to natural leather and synthetic leather most widely used.