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Ladies Shopping Bag So Care On The Right

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Ladies Shopping Bag so care on the right
Ladies Shopping Bag in the woman's dedication as a man love the watch in general, such as friends, such as friends ... .. so women can not leave the ladies shopping bag, the care can make your favorite ladies Shopping Bag accompany you more The 19 years of ladies Shopping Bag custom processing plant with years of experience summed up the ladies shopping bag care 6 law, hope to help you.
First of all, the basis of ladies Shopping Bag care:

1, ladies shopping bag wear care of the law:

Can be coated with professional care ladies shopping bag of care oil, until the full penetration of dry, and then clean the soft cloth to the ladies shop package polished, you can reproduce the luster.

2, ladies shopping bag surface stains stains of the nursing method:

If you encounter a lady shopping bag surface stains can be used with a little warm soapy water or detergent gently wipe, and then washed with water into the ventilation of the dry place, if the ladies shopping bag surface some stubborn stains, you can use soft Hairy toothbrush carefully brush, to avoid damage to the ladies shopping bag surface.
And then introduce three different materials of the ladies Shopping Bag of the nursing method:

1, black leather bright skin material ladies shopping bag care:

Do not put these ladies shopping bags on the high temperature of the sun, of course, do not put below 5 degrees below the low temperature, so as not to some class ladies shopping bag surface protective layer rigid fracture, for some high-end bright skin ladies shopping bag regular surface care do not With a light agent and the like care products, need a special care solution.

2, wrinkled skin ladies shopping bag care:

Most of the use of neutral resin materials, easy to fade, while the surface is not easy to absorb water. Normally, this type of ladies shopping bag, we can use a clean cotton damp cloth can be wiped.

3, dark sheepskin class ladies shopping bag care:

This kind of fabric ladies shopping bag can be used today we often use colorless gauze can be wiped regularly.

4, serpentine leather fabric ladies shopping bag care:

This kind of fabric ladies Shopping Bag is usually printed, foil process, and then painted embossed from. Usually care can be used shoes and leather brightener maintenance, to prevent hardening can be.
Ladies shopping bag care is very important, the more high-end brand ladies shopping bags need to pay attention to care and maintenance, hope that these women's shopping bag on the nursing method of your help, if you have a better way to shop for women's clothing And insight also welcome you to discuss with the call.