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Incorrect Back Shopping Bag Poses A Threat To Your Health

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Incorrect back Shopping Bag poses a threat to your health
Shopping Bag is more of what we use, in addition to the things you need, but also can be used as a dress for people to dress up, but many people in the backpack when not careful, often due to improper posture lead to the occurrence of the disease , So in daily life to pay attention.
Incorrect back Shopping Bag Pose:
Unilateral shoulder injury
For adults, the common way of backpack is the side of the shoulder Shopping Bag. And regardless of women's favorite shoulder bag, even the shoulder bag, many people are used to use unilateral shoulder back.
Experts say that the incorrect backpack posture is one of the important factors leading to health risks, long-term backpack Shopping Bag, especially Shopping Bag is relatively heavy, in order to load the weight of the backpack or to make Shopping Bag does not decline, unilateral backpack Often unconsciously lift the side of the shoulder, while the neck is not consciously tend to the other side, so will cause this side of the shoulder muscle contraction, tight, virtually caused by shoulder muscle strain, a short period of time will appear shoulder Soreness and other issues.
Shoulder bag too heavy also hurt the body
Backpack posture: In addition to backpack posture, the weight of Shopping Bag on the human body caused by the injury can not be ignored. Mobile phones, computers, books ... ... now people's backpack loaded with too many items, plus a beautiful appearance of the beautiful Shopping Bag own weight is not small, these virtually increase the burden on the spine. In fact, backpack weight damage to health, is nothing new thing.
Hand bag pressure arm nerve
Even if the hand bag, whether it is hanging in the arm forearm, or carry in the hands, will carry Shopping Bag side of the arm caused by oppression, if not timely change hands, will oppress the nerves, resulting in arm blood circulation deterioration, and then produce pain.
Experts advise, unilateral bag, Shopping Bag away from the body farther, from the perspective of the balance of force, the greater the impact on the spine. And the impact is long-term progressive, difficult to detect, when the problem broke out, the damage has been caused.
If the shoulder strap is too long, backpack after the fall, not close to the back, the shoulder to use a greater effort to ensure that the backpack is stable, it will let the trapezius muscle pressure.
Now the type of the package is very much, some people bought a very high, but in the course of the use of some cases because of damage, anyway, some of the daily maintenance is necessary, so that both can keep the original package State, and can extend the use of time, why not?
Shopping Bag Maintenance Tips:
1, Shopping Bag handle easy dirty, how do?
Shopping Bag handle is the most contact with the hands of the place, extremely easy to dirty. Usually use, try to avoid the hands of wet time to get, of course, just painted after the hand cream do not immediately to grasp the handle. If you have stains, or for prevention, you can use fashionable scarves tied to the handle of Shopping Bag. Small dirt can be wiped with white professional drawing eraser, the effect is very good.
2, Shopping Bag dirty sent to the store to wash, really make Shopping Shopping a new look?
Shopping Bag maintenance skills: the face of sheepskin, leather big shopping Bag, you can not start to deal with them, sent to the professional store looks like a safe and reliable way. Although the store from the store to retrieve Shopping Bag, is indeed a new look, but many stores will use chemical agents to cover the bag of stains, Shopping Bag damage.
3, there are wooden easy to use cleaners? Of course! Do it yourself!
Shoe polish can be used for a variety of leather maintenance, but must choose the universal white. It can decontamination, reduce the traces of stains, squeeze oil in the bag stains, wipe with a dry cloth, make Shopping Bag instant a new look. Second, this section of the oil also repair the role of small scratches Oh.