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Improper Use Of Lunch Bag Will Cause Harm To The Body And Mind

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Improper use of Lunch Bag will cause harm to the body and mind
Lunch Bag is the necessities of our lives, life can be seen everywhere in the Lunch Bag figure, then the correct use of Lunch Bag you know? Below the Shanghai Le billion plastic to come with you to find out about.
Although the number of supermarkets, supermarkets and Lunch Bag has been significantly reduced, but in many selling breakfast, snack booths, Lunch Bag are still crazy rampant. You often see the steamed buns and the biscuits are packed in Lunch Bag. Often see the hawkers set up a Lunch Bag on the bowl's surface. These practices are invisible to you and your family's health.
Long-term consumption of ordinary Lunch Bag in full bloom in the food certainly affect human health. Light may be dizzy, nausea, while there is cancer may be. Pregnant women if poisoned, the fetus is a great chance of deformity. In addition, if the Lunch Bag in the heavy metal, will have an impact on the blood system and mental development.
Please be sure to pay attention to whether the Lunch Bag appearance "food" logo. Even if the use of food with Lunch Bag, because of its composition mostly polyethylene, as long as the temperature below 110 degrees Celsius is not easy to break down, so the temperature does not exceed 100 degrees Celsius of water food, the general no problem.
Made with PVC Lunch Bag and cling film can not be packaged food, which in China has long been provided. But some people do not pay attention to buy early when it is still used to install the fry frit or buns, are likely to lead to toxic substances released at high temperatures, resulting in chronic poisoning. In addition, colored Lunch Bag can not be used to install food, especially cooked food, because they are mostly made of recycled plastic, may release a lot of harmful gases and substances.
Non-food Lunch Bag, it is best not to put the refrigerator. Some people think that PVC Lunch Bag heating may be harmful to health, but put the refrigerator no problem. In fact, ordinary Lunch Bag in direct contact with food at low temperatures, the release of chemical toxins may slow down the pace, but some physical and biological toxicity will also play a role, as detrimental to human health.
Above is the use of Lunch Bag Note that in our lives to always pay attention to these, to avoid the occurrence of unnecessary security risks, of course, when the use of anything must be the pursuit of high quality goods
With the development of the company, the rapid economic development of goods, transportation and tourism, the increase in the number of cities and the expansion of the scale, resulting in a large increase in domestic urban waste. Recycling bags of municipal solid waste are also increasing rapidly. People living from the "frugality" to "consumption" changes, and plastic waste caused by the lack of understanding of environmental problems, plastic products were arbitrarily discarded phenomenon is more serious, which triggered a new environmental problems. White pollution is becoming increasingly serious, catering, transportation and commercial areas are related to white pollution. The "white pollution" caused by Lunch Bag is an important environmental problem facing all countries in the world. As the plastic products is not easy to break down, waste plastic products, especially Lunch Bag, will cause serious environmental damage. However, it is regrettable that the majority of college students know little about the white pollution, environmental awareness is weak, every day in the production of white pollution, so that the original campus holy and white pollution erosion. In order to better deal with the relationship between nature and nature, so that people and the natural environment more harmonious coexistence, our group conducted a white pollution survey, so that we can better understand the dangers of white pollution, and decided to start from them, increase Advertising, so that more people insist on protecting the row.
In our daily life and work, Lunch Bag are indispensable and undeniable Lunch Bag add convenience to our lives, but with more and more news about Lunch Bag, we are also aware of unsafe lunches Bags will threaten our physical and mental health. So how can Lunch Bag do environmental protection?