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How To Prevent The Fade Of School Backpacks

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

How to prevent the fade of School Backpacks

School Backpacks visually if there is no any special besmirch, can be directly put the whole package in the water, cleaning brush, but a lot of people will find that sometimes after cleaning, there will be a faded, affect the whole beautiful, therefore we need to know some basic methods of prevent.

Prevent the fade of School Backpacks:

1, the School Backpacks manufacturer wholesale introduction canvas when washing can have different degrees of bleaching, washing for the first time in the clear water to add some salt, then package in about 30 minutes, fade reduce a lot.

2, the first few times washing due to the floating color has not removed, so faded look more serious, this is inevitable, as the time and washing times increase slowly it won't be so serious.

3, prevent the School Backpacks fade: it is recommended to use neutral or alkaline detergent washing, must be the regular brand, please do not use containing bleach or fluorescent catharsis things, if not has the stubborn stains such as oil, please reduce the dosage of catharsis things as much as possible.

4. Please wash with cold water to avoid dehydration and exposure, and put it in a dry air. Please dry the metal parts as soon as possible to avoid rust. After recommended washing, the School Backpacks will be turned out to dry, just like clothes, which can reduce the degree of discoloration. Related knowledge: what is the reason that School Backpacks are popular with many people

The School Backpacks wholesale introduction if it is the cotton wool School Backpacks washing is easy to fade, please do not use the washing products with bleach or fluorescence. If you're not careful with stubborn oil stains, we can put some washing powder on it. It is best to use warm water in the process of washing, so that it can maintain its feel.

Choosing a School Backpacks, in addition to being popular, buying a good is a good investment. It's better to buy fewer bargains and have a good School Backpacks, but when you choose, you must pay attention to the key points so that you don't get cheated.

School Backpacks selection highlights:

1. The School Backpacks manufacturer wholesale introduces the texture of cortical cowhide, strong wear resistance, and the base and edge Angle of the School Backpacks which are often rubbed, the leather can be durable. And the sheepskin feels delicate and soft and light, so the high quality sheepskin leather is a good thing to do, it is one of the choice of leather bag, but the wear resistance is relatively poor.

2, players handle handle is comfortable and durable is also an important index to measure a handbag, too thick to go handle will cause uncomfortable in use in the future, must try to ask when buy, cutting can not only pay attention to appearance. In addition, due to frequent contact with hands, sweat and oil stains are unavoidable in the skin, so choose materials that are darker or less visible.

3, selected patch pocket all things are not absolutely perfect, School Backpacks also has its disadvantages, sandwich bags than it is to receive goods in perfect order, the bag of groceries basically are mixed together, so if you want to look for any small items, suddenly have a phone. Therefore, it is better to choose a handbag with one or two small bags for the use of common and small items such as mobile phones and famous clips.

The School Backpacks manufacturer wholesale introduces at the same time in the School Backpacks, accessories and clothing collocation, color plays an important role. The collocation that the whole and color department is deep and shallow, can build elegant and elegant modelling. School Backpacks and wearing color show strong contrast, such as black dress collocation red bag and shoes, it is a bright personality collocation.