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How To Maintain School Backpacks

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

How to maintain School Backpacks
  On the "School Backpacks how to maintain?" Related issues, luggage factory for you to answer.
       School Backpacks or shoulder bag is generally the first choice of men's products, men's personality are more casual is not very concerned about maintenance. In fact, School Backpacks is also need to maintain.
       No matter what kind of School Backpacks, must be easy to put, easy to take. The number of items should be with the distance and the number of days, carrying items to be folded, wrapped with plastic bags items to prevent dirty and damp, easy to break things, can be wrapped with softer things, as far as possible on top. The total weight of the men's School Backpacks is best not to exceed one third of the weight, and the ladies do not exceed one quarter.
       When the School Backpacks items can pay attention to the following points: heavy light, heavy objects and frequently used items should be placed on the more easily accessible School Backpacks, light should be placed at the bottom. Heavy items such as food, tents should also be placed in the upper part; lighter items such as sleeping bags, clothing, etc. can be placed at the bottom of the site. Soft things back, can be more soft items, such as clothing on the back of the back, so that when the feelings of a little feel comfortable. After the first release, some items must arrive at the camp after use, should be placed at the bottom, such as sleeping bags, replacement clothing. Emergency emergency, emergency supplies such as flashlight, sachets and raincoats should be placed on the outermost, easy to take. Symmetry, the School Backpacks the correct back method, the waist position in the waist buckle, adjust the shoulder strap length, tighten the adjustment of the School Backpacks length with the tape, with the back with.
       School bag can be washed with water after washing, and then placed in a cool place to dry, do not use roasted or electric furnace a class of things directly dry. In fact, the School Backpacks maintenance methods are the simplest of all packages. The majority of men compatriots can stay care Oh
Is the School Backpacks really environmentally friendly? The earliest asked me this question is Reuters reporter. At that time, was asked this question, I hesitated for a long time before they made a reply, and later they recalled a moment, that my original answer is not very comprehensive, but also because of this, these days, I have been the problem In my own mind, keep pondering, plus this time there are customers to our company's business staff mentioned the same problem, so I think it is necessary here to make a more comprehensive on this issue Explanation.
To answer the School Backpacks is really environmentally friendly, first of all, we have to understand a concept, what is the environmental School Backpacks?
We look at why the School Backpacks will be known as the green bag.
1. First, the School Backpacks re-use rate is much higher than the plastic bag. School Backpacks production costs are higher than the general plastic bags, at the same time, after using a few times, the School Backpacks use is not as much as plastic bags, so the School Backpacks recycling rate will be higher than the plastic bags, This also indirectly reduces the consumption of oil resources.
2. School Backpacks is naturally degraded for a short time. In general, without any special treatment, the School Backpacks in natural conditions, the degradation time is generally not more than 90 days.
3. School Backpacks is still the phenomenon of chaos is much lower than the plastic bag. In our daily life, we seem to have rarely seen the School Backpacks, so, in this sense, to promote the use of School Backpacks, you can reduce the direct break on the environment.