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How To Choose Their Own Printed Schoolbag

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

How to choose their own Printed Schoolbag
As we all know, there are a lot of printing bag type, in this era of printing bags of flooding, how should we choose for their own printing bags? Choose a suitable for their own printing bags mainly consider the following aspects.
1) to determine the need to print the size of the bag (printing bag capacity)
Print the size of the bag or say that we generally use l (L) as a unit, some countries are also used to use cubic inches (CUIN) for the unit (1000 cubic inches about 16 liters).
45L the following: This capacity is suitable for ladies use and in the warm season good weather 1 to 2 days of camping and much more.
70-95 liters: If you are male, but also decided to travel. Can also be used as a baseball in the activities around the base or climbing the top package.
50-70 liters: can support a long time in the spring and summer trips and walking, you can load tents and other equipment and more warm clothing, food. This capacity is the choice of comparison only to buy a package, you can choose in this range. This capacity should be able to cope with all the necessary equipment in winter, and also suitable for long distance travel for a long time.
95 liters or more: these huge monsters can cope with long hours of outdoor activities and travel, especially in winter adventures and snowboarding adventure activities, Printed Schoolbag but also for the base camp goods shipped. Or a very strong man to lead a few mm and bear the main equipment.
1, materials: generally used 300D to 600D Oxford cloth, nylon, Printed Schoolbag polyester cloth, but the texture, wear degree, color, coating will be different. The best DuPont CORDURA fabric, strong, wear, tear, performance beyond the other fibers, and recently also out of a super-light CORDRA, can minimize the bag's own weight. Bottom of the end of the material than the fabric strength, usually more than 1000D nylon cloth.
2, design: package shape, carrying the system, space allocation, packet configuration, plug design, back heat perspiration, rain cover and so on. Good print bags in the design have outstanding advantages.
3, accessories: zipper, fasteners, Printed Schoolbag closing rope, nylon belt are very particular about. The most popular good zipper is Japan YKK zipper, also divided into origin and domestic, the best zipper produced from the Nordic. The quality of fasteners a lot of grades to DURAFLEX for the best in Hong Kong for the production of UTX-DURAFLEX. Which has steel and nylon pieces, steel pieces feel better, hardness, sound more crisp. Nylon toughness is better, greater flexibility. Compressed ribbon difference is relatively large, good or bad in appearance will be able to see at a glance, and now use more is the Hong Kong wins silk ribbon, close, solid, good appearance.
4, the process: Printed Schoolbag the level of processing technology by the workers and machinery and equipment decision, multi-function double needle machine, knotting machine, a molding presses, pressure plastic machine. Program design and quality supervision also have an important role. Visit some of the printing bag processing plant, will have a sense of the whole process of awareness.
In the carrying system, Printed Schoolbag the printing bags manufacturers have their own unique, but also the essence of printing bags, different brands bear different, and even the same brand of different series of bear is not the same. Need to look at each package according to the specific model.