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How To Choose A Schoolbag Online?

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

How to choose a Schoolbag online?

Many kindergartens are confused by the choice of kindergarten bag customization manufacturers.

Here are some Suggestions:

The first: find friends on the Internet to recommend friends in the industry because they may have worked with some of the online vendors before you, and they are very clear

Second: don't just see or just a row in front of the information > generally all is by searching the online purchase of product information for the manufacturer. And search the product in front of the site doesn't have to be real good products, are not necessarily suitable for you. Suggest to find several factories more contrast

Third: integrated than select suitable manufacturer through the network The Internet is a public brand, the product quality is not the factory say it is good We can through the network, through an online q&a Through baidu search, through the communication with the customer service to determine their satisfaction service

Fourth: guarantee transactions through the web Be careful there are many factories cheated bag will be very cheap price, also describes the service is good, but in terms of payment above may require you to play in the past, if this is the manufacturer I suggest you directly TOU Because he is likely to be cheat, if not a liar Estimation is a have no information about their products Worry about trade through the guarantee there will be a big trouble

There are three main types of Schoolbags. Different types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Backpack

The backpack is the most common one in the bag. Schoolbag is better than single Schoolbag, single Schoolbag just a single shoulder strap under pressure, heavy pressure on the be much bigger than Schoolbag, but according to one Schoolbag look beautiful, assume that something back not heavy, one shoulder back to beautiful, but pick shoulder bandwidth of good, Schoolbag is the same bandwidth, pressure is small.

2. Pull rod bag

Pull - rod bag is a kind of recent Schoolbag. The bag looks like a drag box, with wheels on the bottom, both to pick and to carry. The biggest benefit of pulling the rod is the ability to cut back the load on the kids' backs.

3. Safe schoolbag

Safe Schoolbag has safe location function, there are other related functions, such as telephone, monitoring and other functions. It is still very useful to all of them, children carrying children's safety schoolbags, parents can go through the schoolbag to know the situation of the children, can also go through the bag to talk to the child. Some security bags and intelligent security system, in the student violent tell 30 metres away when crossing the street vehicles, useful to prevent the happening of traffic accident, can match with GPS positioning system, parents a text message can find the accurate position of the child.

Because the student has to carry a lot of books and things back to the school, so as to avoid student load increases, the bag should try to choose the material of the intellectual man fit for example can choose to use made of nylon and PVC plastic bag. In addition, the bag should be avoided with too many metal buckles or metal zippers, because too many metal accessories will increase the weight of the bag, and may cause injury to the back of the waist.

2. Width and width of shoulder strap:

The shoulder belt should be wide, which can help reduce the pressure caused by the shoulder, and can evenly distribute the weight of the bag. And the shoulder strap that has a soft cushion can reduce the strain that the bag is caused to the trapezius muscle, if the shoulder is carried over the young, the trapezius muscle is easy to feel fatigue.