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How To Buy Traveller Bag, How Much Do You Know?

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

How to buy Traveller Bag, how much do you know?
Depending on the performance of the box, they can be divided into air suitcases, Traveller Bag and briefcases. Suitcases and pamphlets generally have a length greater than the width greater than the height, while the travel bag is different and its height is greater than the length greater than the width. The suitcase is characterized by its one end with a handle, can mention pull, easy to run, especially for narrow aisle. Travel bag As the name suggests, it has a built-in lever, the user simply press the button, you can pull the bar in a few vertical pull out, like a luggage car pulled, light and effort is its advantage. Briefcase is a small size, easy to carry and well received by consumers. To buy a travel bag, according to the actual needs to choose, then how to choose?

First of all, according to the specific circumstances to determine the size of the bar to buy the suitcase, if you are going to take the plane, then carry the box must not be greater than 21 inches, otherwise it can not carry, it must For shipping procedures.

Second, according to the size of the selected size to select,

① is to check whether the surface of the box is smooth, no scars.

② is to check whether the edges and corners of the box is not smooth, if there is aluminum alloy angle, then check the package was strong;

③ is taking the box to take a few steps to see if the bottom wheel is flexible, strong steering ability is not strong, the wheels are very important, it should choose a multi-row wheel and rubber wheel, due to rude on the plane, it is easy to make the wheels by damage;

④ is pressing the button, pull out the rod to see if the retractable, functional intact;

⑤ If it is a hard box, then put the box flat, put a heavy load on the shell, so you can stand on the box to try, the box qualified, then it is absolutely no problem;

⑥ is the most important thing is to check the performance of the lock, the password lock, you can arbitrarily adjust a password to try, but pay attention to is the official password, we must choose to facilitate their memory is not easy to forget the three digits , Like birth date, phone number and so on. Otherwise the time to open the box, it can only dry anxious.

After the above check, you can buy it with confidence. The maintenance of the box is very simple, as long as not close to fire and corrosive items and to prevent man-made damage.

Introduced the above to buy travel bag common sense, then talk about Traveller Bag to buy notes, of course, can also be through the classification of Traveller Bag and better quality to buy Traveller Bag:

First check the appearance of the bag, whether the box is Zhouzheng, box angle is symmetrical, the box can be upright or inverted on the ground to see whether the box feet to the ground, not skew, and check the box is smooth, Scratches, cracks, with particular attention to the box (above, below) the four corners to be symmetrical. Open the box, check the mouth, the box to meet each other, the gap is small, to fit, hinge rotation flexibility, no jamming, Kema (buckle) together, buckle, playing open, box Should be sticky firmly, textile fabrics may not have jump silk, split the phenomenon. Put (mop) to install firmly, can not be loose. The rod should be flexible and flexible, with a certain strength, telescopic rod and fixed rod with moderate, expansion can not be too large, the lever of the lock button is pressed, should be able to telescopic rods. Box to take the wheel should be flexible, the best choice with a bearing wheel. Check the box lock, you can arbitrarily combine several groups of digital test, open, close can be normal.

Traveller Bag to pay attention to the issue should also pay attention to the zipper bag problem, buy travel soft box, the first should pay attention to whether the slip zipper smooth, with or without teeth, dislocation, stitching stitch is straight, the next line should be consistent, no Empty needle, jump needle, the general box angle, bend the place easy to have jumper. Second, to see the box, the box is disability (such as fabric off by weft, jump silk, split, etc.), rod, take the wheel, box locks and other accessories to check the way with the same way to buy travel suitcase.