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Five Steps In The Production Process Of The Shopping Bag

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Five steps in the production process of the Shopping Bag
      Shopping Bag production process is the most critical part of the mold is the production, if there is no good design of the mold, then it means that manufacturers will not produce a good shopping bag products or can not produce shopping bags products; then a production Manufacturers of products, first of all depends on the level of manufacturers to produce molds. When the shopping bag manufacturer made a good mold, then the next step is die casting, die casting machine is a very will use the experience of the machine, not the average person can operate, why say so? Die-casting machine will generally have different tonnage, and often shopping package hardware tonnage will be about 25 tons, this type of die-casting machine only experienced master can operate, because the experience of the master press will control the pressure to suppress, If the intensity of the use of die-casting machine will be so that the product will not smooth and smooth, if the use of a greater intensity, then you will find the emergence of shopping bags products burr, and will increase the cost of electricity. So please a good die-casting machine master is not easy, not only can reduce the cost of the enterprise, but also can make the product as little as possible defective products.
The third step is polishing, in the production of shopping bags when the hardware, polishing is whether the product can sell an important symbol of a good price, especially women's various types of metal accessories like female jewelry, if the shopping bag accessories with shiny Bright feeling, then you need to carry out a high degree of polishing, and then electroplating, shiny effect in the last step to complete after the emergence of such demand for shiny Shopping Bag accessories, polished to an extremely important step The
The fourth step on the foot, the use of shopping bags products very careful friends will find that the shopping bag products will have foot pieces, which is to fix the shopping bag to make it more durable or shape more so that consumers like, here will use Of the two machines are punching bed and tapping machine, and punching bed are die-casting equipment, and now the production process to improve, gradually replaced by a rig. The last step is the electroplating, electroplating is also more attention to the experience of electroplating master, plating time is too long and decisive will have a serious impact on the shopping package hardware, affecting the degree of beauty, etc., so the need for electroplating master in the electroplating tank operation process Grasp the time, the final package package hardware will be sent to the customer through the packaging.