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Female Friends Should Know The Skills Of The Beach Tote Collection

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Female friends should know the skills of the Beach Tote collection
Female friends go out with Beach Tote not only for the good-looking, but also to facilitate the carrying items, which led to the cabinet there are a lot of Beach Tote, some of which are seasonal Beach Tote, this time when the collection should be extra careful , So as to extend the use of time.
Beach Tote Collection Tips:
1, the introduction of the collection, the best leather clothes racks hanging in the closet, but not with other woolen, chemical fiber clothing hanging together, can be separated with cotton cloth. Leather, Beach Tote can also be placed in the box, should be flat, not folded. Because the folding for a long time, wrinkles traces is difficult to recede. In the box should not put mothballs or insect repellent and other chemicals, so as not to cause chemical reaction of leather surface and discoloration.
2, leather wrinkles can be used for ironing iron, the temperature is generally in between 60-70 degrees Celsius, ironing with thin cotton cloth for lining, kept moving iron. If the leather surface has lost luster, available "leather polish" polishing, but do not wipe with shoe polish. Leather polishing is not difficult, as long as the cloth dipped in liquid, in the leather, Beach Tote gently coated on a two or so can be. Generally speaking, every two or three years glazing once, you can make leather clothing, Beach Tote to keep shiny, and to extend the leather clothing, Beach Tote life.
3, if found leather clothing, Beach Tote tear, button missing, suture off, broken zipper failure, folder broken and so on, should be promptly repaired or replaced.
4, if wearing a leather or carrying Beach Tote has been stained with oil or dirt, you can use a clean cotton cloth dipped in a little water gently wipe the surface dust, and then with a flannel dipped in neutral detergent or egg white Wipe, until the dirt wipe, then wipe with water, hanging in the ventilated place dry, should not use the fire baking or sun exposure.
At the same time no matter how much time you use to buy a Beach Tote, face rounded is suitable for selection with more shiny dressed sweet and lovely Beach Tote, zipper and buttons are perfect and so are not negligible Steps, should try to choose a total length of about 60 cm, can only see its thickness, cheekbones higher face can choose stripes clear, be sure to understand whether the material is easy to fade.
Female friends if the clothing is not a good look, of course, have to use their own accessories to add points, and accessories in the work is Beach Tote, and learn some with the skills, you can make their own different, so that more people can pay attention To you, come on, the following skills you used on.
Female Beach Tote with skills:
1, the introduction can not be too big, small and exquisite as well. Because the Oriental girls are generally petite, back a big bag, especially the kind of vertical long bag, will be lining too small.
2, Beach Tote can not be too thick, or back behind his ass like a large piece, carrying the front like a big belly like the lack of beauty. The package can not be too high, otherwise it is like a bus conductor, the appropriate package, is the kind of thin back in the side, the size of the right, the level of just right, you can comfortably arm around.
3, a high-necked dress design, is the design of the fifth sleeve, you can and high collar and color brought about by the heavy feeling. And said the color part, are retro color, they formed the pattern is very exotic features, very personalized, so simple with a black chain Beach Tote, is safe to wear options.
4, introduced women Beach Tote with skills: the sleeves in the design of the dress, inside a layer of white chiffon pleated skirt, and in the upper part of the clothes joined the lace blouse, self-cultivation effect is obvious, and highlights the lace hook The beauty of flowers, so that clothing in the back, you can show a sense of hierarchy, and let yourself Xianqi full. In this regard, with a pink shoulder Tote, is for your wear to add a bit sweet girl atmosphere.