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Cooling Bag Cleaning Is Not Timely Harm

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: May 19, 2017

 Cooling bag cleaning is not timely damage to the scale of the equipment heat exchange efficiency dropped significantly, a substantial increase in energy consumption, production costs increased heat transfer equipment in the dirt, with the chemical composition of the different thermal conductivity coefficient is also a big difference. The thermal conductivity of the dirt is usually 0..4 ~ 0..6kca l / (mh!) Between 0..464 ~ 0..696W / (m K), only the thermal conductivity of steel 1/40 ~ 1/80. Is copper thermal conductivity of 1/300. In other words, the heat transfer capacity of thick scale and 40 ~ 80mm thick steel plate, 300mm thick copper plate almost.

  As the thermal conductivity of the dirt is very small, scaling will seriously affect the heat transfer equipment, heat transfer performance, so that a substantial increase in production energy consumption. A large number of domestic and foreign thermal test results show that the Cooler Bag surface heat transfer surface 1mm thick scale, heat exchange equipment will consume 8% to 10% more energy. In other words, 1mm thick scale, can make coal-fired boilers burn 10% of the coal, resulting in a substantial increase in the cost of industrial production costs.

  Cooler Bag The heat transfer condition of the heat transfer equipment is deteriorated, and the heat transfer surface is overheated and overheated, causing the safety accident such as blistering, cracking and bursting. As the heat transfer capacity of the dirt is poor, the temperature of the high temperature side can not be Was quickly transferred to the low temperature medium, so that the heat transfer surface metal wall temperature continued to rise and reach the creep temperature. When the metal wall

  Cooler Bag After the temperature reaches or exceeds the creep temperature, the mechanical properties (such as toughness, plasticity) of the metal are obviously deteriorated, and the tensile strength and compressive strength are greatly reduced, and it is easy to be deformed at high temperature. In the state of the equipment with pressure operation, the overheated pipe wall due to a significant drop in pressure and the emergence of blistering, cracking, leakage and even the explosion of the operation of the safety accident. According to some domestic provinces and municipalities technical supervision departments of the statistics, boiler accidents due to scaling and water quality caused by the accident accounted for more than 60%.

  Cooler Bag Fouling will cause corrosion damage under the scale, resulting in equipment perforation leakage, shorten the service life of the heat transfer equipment heat transfer surface of the scale, its density, thickness and chemical composition is usually uneven state, this uneven dirt cover, Resulting in electrochemical nonuniformity of the metal surface, it is easy to lead to electrochemical corrosion reaction. Fouling also causes some of the corrosive components in the water such as H +, OH-, C l-, Mg2 +, S2- and so on in the scale of metal surface enrichment and produce chemical corrosion reaction. The result of corrosion is that the local metal is damaged and damaged, corrosion can be achieved through the equipment steel plate, so that equipment leakage, damage or even reach the extent of failure, so that equipment maintenance costs increased. When the corrosion is serious, the equipment will be scrapped in advance.