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Buy School Backpacks To Pay Attention To What?

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

Buy school Backpacks to pay attention to what?
 Whether parents buy school Backpacks for children, or wholesalers buy School Backpacks, many will choose online shopping, one is convenient, the second is the choice of more online, easier to find their favorite. What do you want to pay for school Backpacks?
1, buy School Backpacks choose broadband, with shoulder pads. If there is a care bag on the School Backpacks, it is better to distribute the pressure evenly and do not cause excessive damage to the back and the shoulder.
2, School Backpacks on the pocket and mesh do not have too much, or easy to be caught by sharp objects, causing danger; buy School Backpacks To avoid school Backpacks have too much metal buckle or metal zipper, too much metal accessories in addition to the increase in School Backpacks Weight, there may be harm to the back.
 3, consider the small school Backpacks. Choose the smallest School Backpacks that can hold your children's books and stationery. In general, School Backpacks should not be wider than the child's body; back on the body, School Backpacks bottom should not be lower than the child's waist 10 cm.
4, buy School Backpacks to consider School Backpacks material. Choose a small school Backpacks made of lightweight nylon or canvas without making leather or other heavy material. In addition to try to choose safe and environmentally friendly materials, especially School Backpacks great smell should pay attention.
5, wholesalers online buy School Backpacks, the best from the manufacturer wholesale, so after the sale is guaranteed, School Backpacks is made of safe and environmentally friendly zipper material, lightweight and durable, reduce the design of the belt can be a good protection of the child's Spine
 This summer has been one-third, and parents have been preparing for the baby a variety of school supplies, such as children's school Backpacks, books, stationery and so on. Today's School Backpacks shop to share how to buy children School Backpacks this thing?
1.School Backpacks factory recommended to buy School Backpacks to "tailor"
In the choice of School Backpacks, parents tend to pay attention to the style of School Backpacks, etc., but for the growth and development of children, the first depends on whether the child is suitable for himself. "Buy School Backpacks and buy clothes, need to tailor, inappropriate school Backpacks will make children bear very difficult, and even affect the body and posture.
2.School Backpacks the lower part not lower than the upper part of the lumbosacral do not exceed the shoulders
As a school Backpacks school Backpacks manufacturers recommend: School Backpacks the main body of the lower part of the child's lumbosacral, the upper part of the child should not exceed the shoulders. Try to choose a belt of School Backpacks, to avoid the School Backpacks swing, to enhance stability, but also a large part of the school Backpacks weight directly to the lower limbs, reducing the burden on the child's spine.
3, give priority to breathable material
 School Backpacks itself should be as light as possible, in the choice of material, try to choose with cotton or canvas or zipper material School Backpacks, wear and light weight. So School Backpacks plant one of the main reasons for the choice of environmentally friendly zipper is because the zipper breathable at the same time than the cotton or canvas easy to clean a lot.
4, shoulder bag is better than shoulder bag
 School Backpacks Recommended Parents Choose Shoulders School Backpacks. Shoulder bag in the bear when the bilateral shoulder due to force asymmetry, the backpack side will be subconsciously to avoid the school Backpacks fall, a long time will lead to abnormal posture of the child posture, and even the spine and trunk deformation. And shoulders, especially the shoulder strap is relatively wide, soft shoulders back, can greatly alleviate the above problems, to protect the child's tender shoulders.
5. Choose School Backpacks with a lightweight backplane or back pad to keep your body in good shape
Recommended parents for children to choose a lightweight backplane or back pad School Backpacks, the back of the paste is better, and the child can form a physiological paste on the back, is conducive to the child in the back to maintain a good body, to reduce the hump occur. Backplane also has a protective effect, to prevent the school Backpacks in some hard books damage the child's back. Choose as much as possible the metal components of the School Backpacks, these little things may be inadvertently hurt the child.