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Bag Fabric Type

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 23, 2016

Dubangnilong (CORDURA)

A fabric was invented by DuPont, with lightweight, quick-drying, soft, durable features, prolonged use is not easy to change color. Fabric structure gives it excellent wear resistance, tear resistance and incomparable strength, under the same weight and durability standard NYLON fabric twice times, 3 times, and cotton POLY fabric canvas 10 times. Fiber line from 30D to 2000D, the higher the number the more solid lines are thicker. General 160D to 210D on clothes or for General outdoor bag lining. The back coating, General rain will not get wet.

Niujinnilong (OXFORD)

Oxford around the warp is made up of two strands woven together, and latitude also is relatively thick line. Its methods of textile for a last look, is a general method of textile. Generally 210D, 420D material. Back coating. Used as a lining or insulation package.