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Different Materials Of The Schoolbag Should Take Different Maintenance Methods

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Different materials of the Schoolbag should take different maintenance methods
 Different materials of the Schoolbag should take different maintenance methods
     The Schoolbag is collectively referred to as the Schoolbag, and is used to assemble everything of the Schoolbag, including the general shopping Schoolbag, handSchoolbag, backpack, shoulder Schoolbag, Schoolbag, pockets and a variety of trolley case.
     Different materials of the Schoolbag should take a different maintenance methods:
    First, the leather Schoolbag maintenance Note:
1, can not be washed, the day to take care of the dust on the surface of the package is the correct way is to use a dry cloth dipped in water or cleaning solution to wipe;
2, over the season to accept the leather Schoolbag, to be placed in a cabinet with ventilation conditions, the admission should pay attention to avoid the Schoolbag is squeezed, twisted, moldy and so on.
3, wipe the cortex of the Schoolbag to follow the direction of the fur;
4, cortical Schoolbag cleaning and maintenance of care products can not be used with acidic or alkaline ingredients, can not contain volatile ingredients;
  Second, cloth Schoolbag maintenance Note:
1, cleaning cloth Schoolbag, the Schoolbag should be removed and then cleaned;
2, cleaning cloth Schoolbags, to prevent fabric fade;
3, if the cloth Schoolbag contaminated with deep dirt, you can add a little soda in the cleaning water.
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