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Traveller Bag Market Analysis

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Traveller Bag market analysis
   The Traveller Bag market is an important part of the baggage market, accounting for about 40% of the global baggage market, the global baggage market, including travel package market, business package market segments, and leisure package market segments.

1, travel package market, including travel luggage, such as luggage and trolley, and further by the product of the classification of materials, the three main categories for the hard, soft and mixed.

2, business package mainly for business purposes. The business package is characterized by handy portable computers and documents, usually in the form of drag-and-drop mobile office luggage, portable briefcases or computer bags.

3, leisure package mainly for daily life purposes, including different styles of backpacks, ladies and men shoulder bag and can be dragged luggage. Its color, size, style and materials vary.

    Dongguan City Traveller Bag Co., Ltd. is a development, development and design and production, sales Traveller Bags of professional products manufacturer. The main products are: Trolley case, ABS box, PP injection box, backpack, computer bags, Traveller Bags, pockets, ice bags, Trolley bags, makeup bags, camouflage bags and other series. Our company uses professional production equipment, has a group of professional technical personnel and high-quality management personnel, and equipped with a sound quality inspection system. Products sold at home and abroad, won the majority of customers praise. • Survive by quality to manage efficiency, which is the purpose of progressive development. I will provide you with the best products, and the most preferential prices, faster delivery speed, our products will be accurate to each of our customers.
There are a lot of material for the production of Traveller Bags, whether it is plastic ABS, PC and other materials, or fabric nylon, polyester, leather leather, leather, leather, etc., have their own Of the advantages and disadvantages, so the production of Traveller Bags, the need for their own needs and nature to choose the Traveller Bag fabric.

     General high-quality canvas bag lining will choose a better cotton lining, mainly its more solid, delicate feel, and will not be drawing. So the lining is one of the main points to choose from the high quality canvas bag, and the accessories are also important, such as straps, hardware, zippers and so on.

     Printed fabric Traveller Bag production methods in addition to ink India, India, India, India, India, but also offset printing, watermarking, flocking and other production methods, and want to produce high-quality printed fabric Traveller Bags, Traveller Bag production Manufacturers are also extremely important.

     Traveller Bag wholesale that reached a certain thickness and fastness of the cow is very suitable for the production of handbags, mainly because of its own very strong characteristics, can make the bag made more durable wear resistance. The cowhide material in addition to the texture of solid, but also has excellent soft and delicate feel, flexibility, toughness and other characteristics, and the cowhide pores small and close, full of leather, made into a very beautiful Traveller Bag.