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How To Identify The Beach Tote

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

How to identify the Beach Tote
       With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption levels, a variety of Beach Totes have become an indispensable jewelry around people. People demand that the Beach Tote products not only in the practicality has been strengthened, decorative has become the main expansion.
     According to the changes in consumer grade, the Beach Tote material is more diversified, leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton and other texture Beach Tote to lead the fashion trend. At the same time, more and more advertised in the era of personality, simple, retro, cartoon and other styles from different sides to meet the needs of fashion personality publicity. Beach Tote style also by the traditional business package, school bags, travel bags to pencil cases, coin purses, small bags and so on. Beach Tote is expensive, do you know how to distinguish the Beach Tote?
Beach Tote mainly from the following aspects to identify:
First, the first use of the eye
Leather surface has a clearer hair also, patterns, brown leather has more symmetrical fine pores, yak skin has thick and sparse pores, goatskin fish scales of the pores.
Second, the second with the smell
All leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong irritant plastic smell.
Third, the third hand touch
That is, touch the leather surface by hand, if smooth, soft, plump, flexible feeling is leather; and general synthetic leather made of astringent, rigid, poor flexibility. The following are the same as the "
Four, with fire
From the dermis and leather back to tear off a little fiber, lit, where the pungent smell, knot is the artificial leather; all hair hair smell, no knot is the dermis. After these points I believe we will be able to distinguish the characteristics of the Beach Tote.
 1. The beach has been made a good handbag zipper pull, high-quality Beach Tote will also use the texture of fine leather lining as an auxiliary materials: sunny beach portable bag made Beach Tote according to the needs of the guests choose the most suitable for beautiful and comfortable Of the leather lining.

2. Produce the Beach Tote cortex, good bags more use imported PU leather; PU with the skin is the opposite of the second layer of leather leather, coated with a layer of PU resin on the surface, so also called film leather. Its price is cheaper, high utilization rate. With the changes in the process also made a variety of grades of varieties, such as imports of two layers of leather, because of unique technology, quality and variety of novel and so on. PU leather and leather bags have their own characteristics, PU leather bag beautiful appearance, good care, the price is low, but not wear, easy to break; leather expensive, take care of trouble, but durable.

3. Rivet decoration or metal buckle and other materials, do not underestimate these little things, these things often affect the use of your bag, custom bag because you require different material, rivet decoration or metal buckle and other materials are Not easy to fade, and easy to maintain.

4. Beach Tote zipper can see the simplest quality if a Beach Tote does not have a good quality zipper, on behalf of this Beach Tote only with the lowest standards; the highest quality Beach Tote has both functional and A beautiful zipper.