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Shopping bag materials

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 22, 2016


We all know that good strength and water resistance of paper, lots of water can't packaging products such as seafood, heavy metal products are difficult to load. First manufactured paper raw materials wood, the world's forest resources are extremely scarce, this is the biggest waste of resources on the environment; secondly making paper process produces a lot of water, paper mills across the country, such as hatred, beaten. Therefore, a large number of paper bags are the biggest waste of resources on the environment, the biggest pollution to the environment.

Cotton and linen

Cotton shopping bag strength in paper bags can be recycled several times, but water is not good. Advantages of cotton shopping bags are reusable, cloth bag dirty do? Washing is the most common way, but washing waste water, contaminated soil, phosphorus-containing washing powder will, while ordinary washing does not kill bacteria.

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