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Basic information of wash bag

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 22, 2016

There is a package, you do not often think about it, but the road but without it, it is a wash bag! - Inch small but inclusive "thousands" does not matter

Publicity was simple and practical. Journey, it always silently housing from a bunch of "can not dispose of" conservation wash items, batteries and even some medicines.

Loading toiletries bag, such as: mascara, lip gloss, powder, eyebrow pencil, sunscreen, oil on paper, towels, etc., is a business trip, one of the essential goods travel, travel people.

Toiletry kits can also be referred to as bath bath pocket bath package package.

Southerners bath package may not be familiar with the term, usually called wash bag! Northerners generally know! Generally referred to as bath bath pocket bath bags and other packages!

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