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Bag selection methods

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 22, 2016

1, made to buy.

Attention bag size is appropriate for the child's height. Taking into account small bag, choose the smallest bag hold children books and stationery. In General, the bag should not be wider than the child's body; on his back, bags not below the waist the baby 10 cm at the bottom. When carrying schoolbags, bags not higher than the child's head at the top, belt at the waist to fall between the 2-3. Under the bottom of the bag and back high, bag in the back middle, rather than hanging on the bottom.

2, focus on design.

Parents who buy children cannot be ignored when the bag inside the bag design is reasonable. Bag interior design, kids can be a variety of classification of books, stationery, household goods, and finishing ability from an early age, a child's admission, let the child to develop good habits.

3, lighter materials.

Children bags material was light, this is easy to explain, because the students had to carry a lot of books and items to school, so to avoid the increased loads of student, should choose light schoolbags material.