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Advocate burdens schoolbag

Dongyang Banda Bag Factory | Updated: Sep 22, 2016

To the child's school bag "burden" has been a topic of concern to the public, you know multiple bags most appropriate? American magazine "Life" article pointed out that the weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% by weight of the backpack.

American Physical Therapy Association by 9 grade students study suggests that heavy backpack and a backpack the wrong way can cause back injuries and muscle fatigue adolescents.

The researchers Mary Ann Weir Masi said the children backpack too heavy will cause spinal kyphosis, scoliosis, forward or distorted.

At the same time, the muscles may be due to extreme stress and fatigue, neck, shoulders and back vulnerable. If the weight of schoolbags backpack more than 10% -15% by weight, of the physical damage will be doubled. She therefore suggested that the backpack weight control 10% of the body weight of the backpack below.

American Physical Therapy Association recommends that children make use of backpack shoulders back. Experts say the shoulders back backpack weight can be dispersed manner, thereby reducing the likelihood of the shape being distorted.

Further trolley bags for smaller older students is a good choice, because the US high school students need to frequently change the downstairs classroom, while low-grade students do not have these problems.

In addition, a reasonable place items inside the bag is also very important, the most important items on the back close to the location.